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As expected between two Air signs, there is plenty of mental stimulation, conversation and witty repartee here between two Geminis that never miss an opportunity for a verbal comeback.

He can set things in opposition and see the many faces people wear, until he is satisfied he’s figured out their total package.

Once satisfied, he can move on easily and keep questioning his social environment on any new street corner, any restaurant table or any house party.

What are the best – and the worst – compatibility matches for Gemini?

Which star signs should a Gemini man or woman date?

His ease of moving about means he’s bound to come across Gemini woman as a potential partner in crime often in his day.

Walker and Barbara Bush, Shia La Boeuf and Carey Mulligan More fun than a barrel full of monkeys!

Which star signs does Gemini get along with most easily?

There is poetic justice in the fact that these two are going to find out what it’s like to finally meet that oft-mentioned Evil Twin.

It’s hard to capture in words the fun and variety of two Geminis relating to one another.

Normally this is not an issue with men, but you realize right away that all the groupies in the room are throwing themselves at this gentleman, so you must do something unusual to set yourself clearly apart. They should admit it — they’re both very comfortable with the Ringling Bros. For a special twist of pleasure, add the natural talent they each have for phone sex and kinky texting.

Dating a Gemini is like a one-way ticket to New York.

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