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These challenges go beyond the logistical issues of access, and often touch nearly every aspect of the dating relationship.Disabled men traditionally have a higher unemployment rate than able-bodied men, and those men who are employed often work in less prestigious positions with lower pay, according the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation.'I firmly believe in using the term "wheelchair user" instead of "wheelchair bound" or "confined to a wheelchair",' she says. Deborah, now a wheelchair user, moved back to the States where she eventually took up sailing. At Soulful Encounters' disabled dating and community Web site, disabled individuals find real support, compassion, and friendship through our disabled community and disabled dating Web site.The name Soulful Encounters and the hearts logo are a constant reminder of this Web site's primary mission -- to provide a place where the medically, mentally and physically disabled can nourish their souls and awaken their hearts.and using my wheelchair not as a seat but a tool with which I weave through obstacles and speed past situations meant to slow me down.'She describes the moment in jarring detail: 'Driver lost control.

Wendy, one of the 19 women to pose for the series, was a 19-year-old rising model who was driving to the airport for her first international job when she was hit by a drunk driver. 'I stood up, fell down and never walked again,' she explains.

Most people without disabilities find dating challenging at the best of times. As you prepare for a date, a plethora of questions may be running through your head.

Do you think your clothes make you look too fat, or maybe they’re too bland? For most daters, the thoughts going through people’s heads are going to set them up for failure on a date for people who don’t have mobility or sense disabilities. Most online dating forms don’t include any fields for mentioning that you’re disabled.

Law enforcement confirmed he died from a life-threatening injury he suffered in his car ...

Mia adopted Thaddeus -- who was paraplegic due to polio -- in 1994 from Calcutta, India. Thaddeus was adopted after Mia's split from Woody Allen.

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