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This in turn creates a downward spiral that cannot easily be avoided, and is often not even noticed until the state hits both a financial and PR rock bottom.

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I tried to reopen it in 5 minutes and even though the program appears to be open there's no little camera to drop my images into. Then the error comes up: "Error : Impossible to save preferences (#2)".. 1567 - Melissa M., January 13, 2010, pm : In Regards To Error : Impossible to save preferences !

After a few years of turning a blind eye to the situation a bad winter like the winter we had in 20 hit and further accelerated the problem.

But, the bad winter was even worse than imagined from a wildlife management perspective.

Even bums have documented success stories in which they have earned over 0,000 per year, yet none of us are running out to join that profession.

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