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[Where at the end of one of his songs, he paid tribute to James Best, who influenced him, in his early career]: I learned a tremendous amount from him. When people think he was only Rosco, he was - absolutely, but there was a ...

The world would not have had Quentin Tarantino were it not for Jimmy Best.

John played Jesse who would begin dating Lori's character, Becky, in season 2 and eventually marry in season 4.

The show became a cult hit and fans were vocal about the desire to see Lori and John date in real life.

Meet the dashing Stamos in person (which I recently did), and he not only doesn't look 52, but he doesn't act it either. Glamour: I could talk about this all day, but then your director will get upset with me. You had some great songs on ] Half of you says, "I've done singing, I've played drums on every show, I've done enough of that." And then the other half says, "Who cares? It won't be like a "Jimmy and the Rippers" kind of thing. Do you think they're really made for one another, or could it be that it's just about them finding a meaningful friendship after all these years?

But don't take that as a strike against Stamos: He has the insight and intuition of your most-trusted adviser (even with some recent missteps along the way), but the playfulness of that kid in class that always drove you crazy in hopes of getting your attention. I immediately felt like not only have I known him forever, but there's a level of trust that you rarely find with someone who's been in this business as long as Stamos. Glamour: Can we do this interview at your house instead? __ __John__: Sometimes it's right in front of your face, sometimes you have to give up certain things you thought you wanted in a relationship.

The two thespians found success with the sitcom ABC Full House that ran from September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995.

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But Lori Loughlin and John Stamos are just happy to be great friends as they were spotted heading to lunch in Beverly Hills on Friday.Mention the name John Stamos, and you'll probably hear, "The guy just doesn't age!" At 52—and with looks that could easily allow him to pass for someone 15 years younger—they're only half right. [Jimmy] plays sports terribly, but maybe if [he] sang, [he sings] bad, or I want to be like Sinatra or do something funny with it. [ __Glamour: On *Grandfathered*, Jimmy reunites with the love of his life, Sara, played by Paget Brewster, but they're not together..At one point, Stamos made a fan's night when he serenaded her and her baby (below).The Hollywood hottie later lifted her little one up on the stage and pretended the baby was an Oscar.

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