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Greg is part Norwegian, which was revealed in season 3 (episode 303, "Let the Seller Beware").

Greg has mentioned on several occasions his grandfather, whom he affectionately calls 'Papa Olaf.' He also mentions his Nana Olaf in season 6, episode 19 (Spellbound).

He had always balanced lab work with athletics, studying with flirting, and computer work with dating.

Addicted to the pursuit of knowledge, Greg has been on a quest to learn all he can about the scientific breakthroughs of the past centuries.

Though she originally wanted to be a ballerina, Von Teese states that "By 15 I was as good as I'd ever be".

She was later to incorporate this element into her burlesque shows, where she frequently goes en pointe.

Heather Renée Sweet (born September 28, 1972, age 44), better known by her pseudonym Dita Von Teese, is a professional pin-up model and burlesque dancer.That was nothing unusual of itself, but the fact that Hodges was with them, along with a day shift toxicology technician whose name Nick believed was Andrews, gave the CSI pause.Gregory "Greg" Hojem Sanders (shortened from Sanderson) is a Crime Scene Investigator at the Las Vegas Crime Lab who is now a Level 3 CSI and thus one of the most senior members of the Las Vegas CSI team.Nick hesitated before entering the AV lab once he noticed the door was closed.He could see Archie and Greg sitting with their backs toward the door, watching several monitors at once.

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