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Members pay an annual fee and work with the agency to make a tailored ‘profile’, which is only shown to other members with both parties’ approval.Redmond said it was a “highly confidential service” for those who were likely to worry about any public attention.And yet, she's a lady who declares, in her still-strong Wexford accent, that she loves nothing more than having a fried-egg sandwich at home and watching Coronation Street. "I've got five sisters, I come from the south-east of Ireland. I like a loaf of bread and cup of Barry's tea." This contradiction is at the heart of the special alchemy that has propelled Mairead to where she is now - heading up a global business, spread across three continents and said to be worth £2bn.It is a business built largely on the sheer strength of her character, her disarming approachability and sensitive interpersonal skills. Specifically, she helps affluent, professional, wealthy high-income people find love. Membership to Berkeley International, an elite dating network, starts at an eye-watering £10,000 and goes up to £50,000.But she's clearly very good at it, because she's doing a roaring trade.The company was established 12 years ago and overall boasts about a 65pc success rate. "Hong Kong, LA, New York are on the map at the moment," she says. The thinking behind it is to have a high-end private members' club, only for single people - people who want to get into a serious relationship.She joined dating site Plenty of Fish to try and find ‘something serious’ – but has since been forced to delete the app after discovering that many of the guys on it just wanted to see what it’s like to have sex with a black woman.

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Here in this re-purposed Georgian mansion, with its magnificent 18th Century staircase and bar area designed by Zaha Hadid, we are at the heart of one of her stomping grounds. She divides her time between London, where her business, Berkeley International is headquartered, and Cannes.

"We're already established in Paris, Milan, Geneva, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Spain. And to have it in such a way that we are integrated worldwide through our member database." Despite the types of figures involved, the service is not, as you might expect, about cash-rich-time-poor tycoons looking for trophy wives. For one thing, there are slightly more women who apply for membership than men.

If you are frequently traveling for business or pleasure, and would enjoy an exclusive date in the city you are visiting, email us your schedule and we will organise the rest.

People who have their careers in fine fettle but who don’t have time to organise their social lives.

“For the past four years London has taken care of Ireland, but demand has gone up noticeably in the last 24 months (and) we needed someone on the ground.” Personal profile Unlike many dating websites, Berkeley is entirely offline.

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