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RELATED: Christian Louboutin Expands Nude Collection for 'All Women' And instead of announcing the news via the traditional print ad or commercial route, Neutrogena reached out to consumers who voiced opinions about the brand failing to provide enough options for women of color.Washington, who wears Cocoa 115, then shared the news via Face Time with a few of Neutrogena’s customers.Then, they’ll be prompted to verify their identity by entering a four-digit code sent to the cellphone.

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Grant logged into i Message, Face Time, i Tunes, App Store and without receiving two-factor authentication prompts for each successful attempt.

Apple brought two-step authentication to Face Time and i Message.

The Cupertino giant has been using the feature for i Tunes and i Cloud accounts since 2013.

Under the two-step verification process, a user would register the mobile phone number of a device that he or she controls.

When signing in, the user is prompted to enter their Apple ID (the email address registered with Apple) and password.

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