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The Director of 1 Green Place Limited (One Green Place) is Mr James Dodd Who is the Owner of 123 Brackets (TV Brackets 4 U, Brackets R Us)?The Owner of 123 Brackets (TV Brackets 4 U, Brackets R Us) is Mr Peter Hee Who is the Managing Director of 151 Products?

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You can sign up to a Membership and cancel at anytime or upgrade to a Membership that includes all Contact information of our Dominican Women members.

You can purchase just a single address or send Flowers or other Gifts like Jewelry, Wine or Food Baskets.

The fact is, unless you are prepared to go out and talk to random people at the bus stop, on a tube platform or in the coffee queue, how do you get the time or inclination to meet someone new.

We are all too busy maintaining all the varying levels of friendships and relationships that are part of our lives every day.

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