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Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro would not answer questions surrounding the controversial ‘land grab’ of the tobacco plantation the Rankin family have worked on for 35 years as he left a medical centre in Nottingham.Dr Nyatsuro, who is supposedly linked to the Mugabes through his wife Veronica, apparently turned up at Kingston Deverill in September with a government document saying that he was now the rightful owner of the land.He and his wife Veronica, who is reportedly travelled to Zimbabwe on January 26, were allocated the Rankins' farm under Robert Mugabe's controversial land seizure laws which allow the state to take the property of white people and hand it over to 'indigenous' black Africans.51 - San Miguel de Abona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarias You dont have to change - lets change it together..I will not think about ageing as long as I can climb into a saddle and live is for living.

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