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Bisexual mum-of-three Mrs Parave studies the Bible with her husband of seven years but gets into bed with other people at her partner's consent.

She said: "I don't think God would be mad at what we are doing - at first I was conflicted but the more we looked at it the more it makes sense to us."Dean and I are both in agreement with this lifestyle, so we're not committing adultery.

“There’s a tendency for certain kinds of urges to build up …

then they come out.”A black-and-white set of philosophies can limit a person’s comfort level in addressing an unforeseen relationship issue, such as a downward spiral in a couple’s sex life, or considering the help of a marriage counselor.“If you do find yourself attracted to someone outside your relationship, it’s probably something not to be discussed, or worked out,” he said.

I asked her if she wanted to try with Dean and I."Dean didn't know what was happening, he thought it was a trick and I was trying to catch him out."The couple set up their swinging website two years ago and travel around America meeting people and swapping partners.

But Louise Nielsen, a licensed Christian counselor and mental health professional of At The Crossroads Inc., dismissed the proposal as not only indecent but unbiblical and dangerous."Having been to seminary as well as being trained as a licensed mental health counselor, and as a Christian, it is unbiblical, it is sinful," Nielsen told The Christian Post on Thursday."God doesn't stop loving anyone, but it is not a behavior that is in anyway appropriate for Christians or for anyone else. "It is not something that can be endorsed in a Christian context at all."On a Facebook page promoting the concept of Christian swingers, some Christians are also airing their disapproval of the practice."Whoa to you sons and daughters of Satan....will stand before the Lord and say Lord Lord, did we not do this and that in your name........shalt burn in the fires of eternity....

No adulterer and no Liar will enter the Kingdom of God," wrote Peter Clarke on the page.

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