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Nigel tells the pair that although he thinks they'll do well, they will have some tough competition.

Grade: A- Sonya Tayeh choreographed an emotional contemporary piece about two souls carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. " Mary Murphy said to Amelia and Will, who both received screams from the ballroom queen.After the performances, and judges comments (the judges know the guys and girls in the bottom 6), Nigel will announce the dancers in danger of leaving the show, they “dance for their lives”, and then Nigel announces which guy and which girl they will keep in the competition. Why make a dancer learn a whole other routine, if more than likely, they will be voted off right after and sent home?Won’t the judges, knowing who is in the bottom, give bias comments about their performances? Joining us, for this confusing episode of SYTYCD, is director-producer-choreographer Adam Shankman, who is there, not only to judge, but to plug his next film “Step up: Revolution“.She confesses that her direct competition is fellow jazz dancer Tiffany Maher.She also adds that if Tiffany makes it through, she'll be very worried if she makes it through or not.

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