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Each day we had formal lessons and an afternoon activity which was customized based on my interests. This full immersion program was just as I imagined and hoped for.

I learned much more than conjugations and vocabulary words; they teach you about their culture, history, politics and my favorite part - la comida! I feel very lucky that I found this school and appreciate Carmen and Jose for their warm welcome, and Estefania and Elizabeth for their hospitality and great efforts in teaching Spanish.

What is clear, is that Dickens never visited Deventer, and there seems to be no known connection between him, any of his work and the town. Why was there a weekend-long Dickens Festival in a small town in the eastern Netherlands?

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Humanitas, a member of Actiz and EAHSA, has for a long time been at the fore-front of innovation.

Both older and younger residents are delighted with the arrangement. A similar model exists in Lyons, France and Cleveland, Ohio at Judson Retirement Communities.

The solution can lie in a change in the job requirements or working conditions; medical or psychotherapeutic treatment is then rendered unnecessary.

When their motivation is restored, people with very high intelligence are capable of high-quality work and of solving complex problems.

At that time, I didn't even know the idea of "full immersion study".Current existing literature on intergenerational living projects are predominantly news articles.Below is a compilation of accessible online news articles and blogs on intergenerational living.The problems at work are explained using examples from the work floor.Based on certain characteristics and signals, occupational health physicians and insurance doctors are able to recognize giftedness and to bring the subject out into the open.

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