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Rather than leaving the house and trying to meet women in person, they make all of their introductions and develop all of their relationships online. Men who spend all of their time and dating energy online do so because they are too intimidated by meeting women in the real world. Yes, there are times when a man really might not have enough time to meet women offline.And yes, there are some men who have already put in their time successfully meeting women offline and who know for a fact the online approach produces superior results for them.'Everyone likes curling up watching films, likes country walks, meeting up with mates and has a good sense of humour!'I would also discourage self deprecation or saying, ‘my friends say I’m fun to be around…’ Use this as a chance to blow your own trumpet.Ask yourself when you’ve read through your profile, “Would I date me? So many people create a shopping list of requirements of your ideal date, or a long list of hobbies and interests. Remember, your profile is a micro story of who you are.Share an anecdote of you doing one of your hobbies.Most people are in a hurry to write a profile and get it online so that they can begin dating. I’m looking for: ‘my love of street food led me to write a blog about London’s amazing street food scene’.I’d encourage you to spend time investing in your future happiness by really thinking about how you want to come across in your profile. One of the exercises I give clients is to list five reasons why someone would want to date them. 'Most people are in a hurry to write a profile and get it online,' Rebecca explains.

Dating coach Rebecca Perkins says there are lots of things you can do to make your profile stand out for all the right reasons - from avoiding clichés to being witty, highlighting your achievements - and losing weight 'Most profile are cliché ridden,' explains Rebecca who is the co-founder of Irresistible Dating.

And some day, you might even want to share some old-fashioned analog sex with this woman.

All of these actions require a well-developed sense of confidence that no amount of digital conquests will provide you with.

Chicago's own entertainment triple threat Steve Harvey has joined the folks behind to launch a new marriage-minded dating site."Women want to date with the goal that it turns into a relationship," Harvey told me Wednesday.

"It kind of breaks my heart when I have women on my show who've been on 50, 100 dates.

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